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Egg donation treatment

Egg donation is a fertility treatment consisting in-vitro donation of oocytes (eggs) from an anonymous donor. It is a safe, reliable fertility treatment with high rates of success.

Unlike other countries with more restrictive laws, egg donation is completely legal in Greece. Greek assisted reproduction law protects donor identity, so that the donor never knows the child's identity and the child never knows who the donor is.

Many families have concerns about the donor selection process. IVFclinic in Greece has advanced protocols for selecting the most suitable donor for each family.

To achieve the best success rates, IVFclinic in Greece performs a detailed medical study, carefully selecting the most appropriate technique for each patient. The quality of the laboratory, the advanced technologies applied in each technique, and the ability to offer a tailored treatment are crucial to the success of the treatment.

  • Step 1:
    Donor ovarian stimulation
  • Step 2:
    Donor follicular puncture and aspiration
  • Step 3:
    Embryo fertilisation and culture
  • Step 4:
    Preparing the patient’s endometrium
  • Step 5:
    Embryo transfer
  • Step 6:
    Embryo vitrification
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